Essential Baking Equipment

An easy way to ensure that your desserts turn out delicious is having proper baking equipment. If you have a well stocked kitchen, you probably already own a lot of these tools.

1. Standing Mixer or Hand Mixer

I have a standing mixer back in my hometown at my parents’ house, and it makes mixing ingredients very quick and easy with minimal mess. However, they’re quite the investment. I would only suggest buying one if you plan on baking pretty regularly. A hand mixer is a less expensive alternative. I use a hand mixer in my college apartment, and it works just as well as a standing mixer. It takes more muscle to use and can be messy if you don’t have a good grip on your bowl, but it’s not hard to learn how to maneuver it properly.

2. Mixing Bowls

How else are you going to prepare your ingredients? I suggest getting some plastic bowls for mixing and one or two metal bowls for heating. I rarely use glass bowls, but they work just fine too if that’s all you have!

3. Measuring Tools

It’s essential to have the precise measurements when baking. Baking is sort of a science. If you put too little or too much of one ingredient, it can completely change the entire outcome. Make sure you have some good measuring cups for dry ingredients, a measuring cup for wet ingredients, and measuring spoons.

4. Baking Pans and Sheets

There are three main baking pans that I use regularly: cupcake/muffin pan, cookie sheet and 13×9 baking pan. I also occasionally use 9×9 baking pans (for brownies) and round 9-inch cake pans (for layered cakes and pies), so you may want to invest in those too. Baking pans and sheets can also be used for cooking vegetables, pasta, meat, fish and a lot of other food in the oven, so they’re a great multi-purpose investment.

5. Utensils

The main utensils you’ll need are a rubber spatula, an all-purpose turner and a whisk. They make mixing and transferring ingredients and batters a breeze.


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